Dadeville students won big at two recent competitions including The Language Arts Department of Southwest Missouri LAD Fair and the Polk County League Language Arts Fair.  Both competitions are an extraordinary opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and skills. 

  The LAD Fair held in Willard, had over 4,500 entries from all over southwest Missouri. The Dadeville students had 67 winning entries.  

LAD Fair Winners - Willard Missouri

 6th grade 

Hattie - 2nd - Description of Mood

Hattie - 3rd - Original Prose Anthology by an Individual

Hattie - 3rd - Spoken Word Poetry Script

Sterling - 2nd - Editorial

Sterling - HM - Description of Mood

Macy - 1st - Literary Analysis of Symbol

Macy - 1st - Editorial

Macy - 1st - Spoken Word Poetry Script

Macy - 2nd - Description of Place

Macy - 2nd - Letters

Macy - 2nd - Original Prose Anthology by an Individual

Veyda - 1st - Original Prose Anthology by an Individual

Veyda - HM Description of Place

Veyda - 1st - Letters

Veyda - 2nd - Literary Analysis of Symbol

Veyda - 3rd - Commentary-Opinion Column

Hudson - 2nd Literary Analysis of Techniques

Hudson - 3rd - Letters

Lyric - 1st - Literary Analysis of Conflict

Wyatt - 2nd - Literary Analysis of Conflict

Henry - 3rd - Literary Analysis of Setting

Lucy - 3rd - Literary Analysis of Symbol

Joe - 1st - Literary Analysis of Techniques

Garrett - 1st - Literary Analysis of Theme

Emma - 2nd - Literary Analysis of Theme

Emma - 2nd - Persuasion

Evie - HM - Persuasion

Jordyn - 1st - Long Narrative Poetry

Briar - 2nd - Commentary/Opinion Column

Weston - 2nd - Spoken Word Poetry Script

Class Anthology of Poems - 1st 

Class Anthology of Letters - 1st

Class Anthology of Social Injustices of the World - 2nd

Class Anthology of Analyzing Literature - 3rd

7th Grade

Claire 1st - Editorial

Claire - 2nd - Original Prose Anthology by an Individual

Claire - 3rd - Personal Opinion

Claire - HM - One Act Play

Charleigh - 1st - Commentary/Opinion Column

Charleigh - 2nd - Editorial

Charleigh - 2nd - Literary Analysis of Techniques

Charleigh - 3rd - One Act Play

Katelyn - 1st - Literary Analysis of Techniques

Katelyn - HM - Long Narrative Poetry

Katelyn - HM - Short Narrative Poetry

Allison - 1st - Creative Nonfiction

Allison - 2nd - Autobiography

Allison - 3rd - Acrostic Poem

Allison - HM - Literary Analysis of Character

Allison - HM - Play Script

Brittan - 3rd - Literary Analysis of Character

Payton - HM - Literary Analysis of Conflict

Hollie - HM - Literary Analysis of Symbol

Kaiden - HM - Short Free Verse Poem

Ben - 2nd - Short Narrative Poem

Class Anthology of Poetry - HM

Class Anthology of Argumentatives - 2nd

Class Anthology of Literary Analysis - 2nd

8th Grade

Wriston - 1st - News Story

Gracie - 1st - Feature Article

Aiden - 2nd - Satire

Kendall - 2nd - Long Narrative Poetry

Wriston - 1st - News Story

Wriston - 2nd - Individual Task Analysis

Emma - HM - Individual Task Analysis 

Class Anthology of Poetry - 3rd - Gracie, Avery, Kendall, Emma, Maisy, Aiden, Addyson, Addison

9th Grade

Jessie - 1st - Autobiography

Jessie - 2nd - Long Free Verse Poem

The 7th & 8th grade also participated in the Polk County League Language Arts Fair on March 29th in Humansville. They were judged on written entries, spelling bee and 9 different categories in language arts. They took 1st place and were the PCL Language Arts Champions. The language arts team consisted of: Gracie Sappington, Aiden McGill, Emma Sayers, Briar Clift, and Allison Worthy. The written entry winners were: Charleigh Toler, Ashton Edwards, Ben Groose, Katelyn Holman and Kendall Mincks. The spelling team consisted of Kendall Mincks and Avery Kelly. 

Congratulations to our middle school for all of their hard work.