JH girls Career Trip

Dadeville Students Experience Career Information Events

     On April 5th all of the Dadeville FFA students in grades 10-12 attended the “Build My Future” event at the Fairgrounds in Springfield with FFA sponsor Jordan Buck..  They were able to participate in dozens of “hands on” activities in every area of construction and building trades.  It was very informative and a fun day for our students who attended.

     On April 11th the Dadeville 7th & 8th grade girls attended a “non-traditional career” experience at MODOT in Springfield.  They were informed about traffic design, construction materials used by MODOT, the cost of building highways, costs of equipment, surveying, and a drone exhibition of how MODOT uses drones in road construction, etc.

     The 7th & 8th grade boys toured the facilities at Cox North hospital and learned about “non traditional careers” for men in the health field.  They learned the roles of paramedics, EMT’s, and EMD’s.  They learned about nursing, radiology, respiratory care, and took a tour of the nursing education facilities at Cox.

     It was an educational and fun experience for our 7th & 8th graders.  They were chaperoned by Dawn Katzer and Denise Dodson.