McGill's Garage Career Day

Dadeville Students Explore Future Careers

     Dadeville students have had several opportunities lately to explore careers that might be of interest to them.  On October 3rd five students went to MSU with Mrs. Cross to attend the Criminal Justice Open House.  Students were able to visit with representatives from the FBI, MO State Highway Patrol, the Secret Service, Department of Conservation, Greene Co. Sheriff’s Department, policemen from area police departments, members of the criminal justice club at MSU, and even participate in a crime scene investigation.

     On Oct 13th around 30 Dadeville students attended the Healthcare Career Expo with Mrs. Katzer and Nurse Shannon Cornelison.  This expo was held at MSSU in Joplin.  Students were able to view and participate with  representatives from all areas of the healthcare industry.  Students saw a cow eye demonstration, a pig dissection, blood draw, CPR being done on a baby, sonograms, disability & vision problem eye glasses (students were able to put on the glasses to experience what someone with a certain eye problem would see), visit with representatives from psychology careers, and visit with people who explained the education required for healthcare careers.

     On Oct. 18th, five students viewed a zoom tour of the St. Louis University cadaver lab in Mrs. Cross’ office.  A doctor at St. Louis University went step by step showing an autopsied cadaver and explaining all the body parts and their functions to the students.  This was not for the faint of heart, but was very interesting.

     Some of Dadeville’s seniors have been doing job shadowing this semester to investigate the career they are interested in.  Also representatives from area colleges have been to Dadeville to visit with junior and senior students who might be interested in attending their college or university.  A representative from Capital Academy in Linn, MO will be here in December to visit with students interested in welding, construction, heavy equipment operation, truck driving, etc.  Capital Academy has free tuition and free room and board for those students who qualify.